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Truck Wash Systems

Automated Truck Wash Systems and Equipment

NuLook is an authorized distributor of truck wash equipment from Istobal USA Carwash Solutions. Istobal, established in 1950, is the largest truck wash manufacturer in the world, offering a comprehensive range of truck wash equipment products internationally. They supply gantry style truck wash equipment, touch –free systems, manual units and drive-thru units. High quality construction with hot dipped galvanized parts assures long life. Options include stainless steel parts.

We offer the four packages of Istobal truck wash solutions:

Heavywash Progress—this model is designed for large trucks, buses, and semi-trucks. This system is available in 4 different heights and 2 widths, and has a flexible bay length to adapt to your specific needs. The Heavywash Progress has vertical brushes to apply an overlapping front and rear scrub. This unit will accommodate vehicles with panoramic mirrors. heavywash-progress-1

Heavywash Kube—the Heavywash Kube is part of the series of equipment for commercial vehicles designed to accommodate varying sizes, from panel trucks to busses and larger vehicles,. The Kube is productive, reliable and flexible. Configuration is set by vehicle type, with 40 power nozzles for intense cleaning, electronically driven amperage-sensing brushes, high pressure top wash up to 1200 psi, adjustable wash travel speed, and a full range of brush materials to improve performance.



Heavywash Rotators—this is a modular arch consisting of up to 8 motorized rotator units. It is designed for drive-through washing of all sizes of commercial vehicles that cannot be washed with a standard rollover, such as trash trucks, tankers, military vehicles and other non-standard trucks. Vehicles up to 13’9” can be accommodated with this system. The motorized wash rotators ensure maximum wash pressure at a constant speed throughout the wash cycle. Options include a drive-through underchassis wash, drive-through foamy chemical spray with high pressure pump and high pressure racks. heavywash-rotators1

Heavywash Drive Through—this versatile system is designed for busses and mini-busses and can be adapted to vehicles with overhead catenary power, such as trolleys. The drive-through system is perfect for bus fleets, with a rinsing arch and four vertical brushes that spin in opposing directions. The shampoo pump and electrical cabinet are built into the unit. A command post controls the manual movement of brushes, mirror avoidance and emergency stop functions.


The Heavywash system is your washing partner! It is designed and manufactured to be exceptionally productive, reliable and flexible! Call us today to learn more about how the Istobal Heavywash system can be an essential part of your truck washing business.