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The Top Car Wash Industry Pet Peeves Customers Have

There are now holidays for just about every day or week of the calendar nowadays, but we hope this one does not get on your nerves. This week is Pet Peeve Week and with regards to the car wash industry, some customers get annoyed with aspects of their local car wash, causing them to find a new place to wash their vehicle. Here are some pet peeves to avoid, keeping customers satisfied with your business.

car wash industry pet peeves

Poor Car Wash Design

The design of the car wash should allow for any type and size of vehicle to come through to be washed as not everyone has a small vehicle. The lanes leading up to your car wash should not be tight and winding as larger vehicles and trucks will have trouble easily navigating to the tunnel entrance. Additional areas in your car wash, such as vacuum spaces, should also have plenty of space for customers to turn into with enough room to vacuum their vehicles.

Over Priced for Quality

Pricing is important when it comes to the car wash industry, because you should charge what you are worth as a car wash business. If your business offers a variety of car wash packages and services that gets vehicles clean, then charge for it. If customers are complaining to you about how expensive the services are and they are not satisfied with the quality of the work, then you should charge less and work on provide better quality work. You should also stay competitive with the other car wash businesses in the area. By charging much higher than the local car wash market, you will have fewer customers stopping in at your car wash.

Lack of Services or Poor Advertising of Services

Some people take care of their vehicles more than others. Those that spend more on car care will want the best services of the car wash industry. Not only should you go above and beyond with your car wash packages, offering basic options for the “quickie” customers and luxury packages for the car enthusiasts, but your packages should also hold up to the advertising. If you offer an ultimate package with hot wax and shine and in-tunnel detailing, be sure the equipment and chemicals you purchase will provide the quality you are advertising. The car wash enthusiasts know what to look for and will easily be able to tell if they overpaid for a service only to be delivered an underwhelming shine.

Having Poor Car Wash Industry Cleaning Standards

No customer would come back to your car wash business if they leave with scratches, swirls, damages and a car that still looks dirty to them. As a business owner in the car wash industry, if you hear this from even one customer, you need to immediately inspect your equipment and supplies to see if they are not effectively cleaning or drying the customer’s car. According to DetailXperts.net, here are four things you should check:

  1. Check how the vehicles are being dried. Most car washes use a strong stream of hot air to try and quickly dry the vehicles. Some car washes have staff members dry off the vehicle with hand towels that might be too rough for the paint job and can actually remove or scratch the paint if wiped hard enough. If you want staff members to towel dry vehicles, we recommend using soft, microfiber towels.
  2. Whenever a customer complains about damage that was done to their vehicle, one of the things you should check is the water treatment system to make sure it is proper working condition and filtering out debris from previous car washes.
  3. Stiffness of the brushes you use in your car wash business. Older styled brushes were more abrasive to vehicles, but today the brushes are made with softer materials that still clean cars better. If your brushes are older or slightly stiff, it is recommended to call a car wash equipment distributor to give you advice to when you need to have them replaced.
  4. It is best to avoid cleaning methods that have harsh cleaning chemicals and high-pressured water being sprayed on the vehicles. Certain chemicals can ruin the exterior of vehicles, so we recommend offering a higher quality chemical that does not damage the exteriors.