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How Signs Present More Car Wash Business Opportunities

Like many other businesses, the sign of the business is utterly important for numerous reasons with the goal that it will convince the customer to make a purchasing decision immediately. While websites and advertising will help bring attention to your car wash, car wash business opportunities often comes down to your signage. When people are driving down the road and see a car wash sign that sells the business with pricing, features, and design, they will often divert their course to get a quick wash.

car wash business opportunities

Why Earn Car Wash Business Opportunities with Signage

The reason your car was business opportunities start with the signage is because customers cannot see the highly efficient car wash equipment or hard working employees you have in your building, prior to making a purchasing decision. Since customers cannot see the equipment used to wash their cars, the signage of your car wash should be a reflection of the professional nature you want to have for your business.

In an earlier blog post, we discussed the top four characteristics necessary with our guide to car wash business signs. Such characteristics include being attention grabbing, modern, memorable and that the business’ signs illuminates at night. Your business signs that have these characteristics will earn more car wash business opportunities. Another great way to earn more business is with having signs that have a local influence, which will help customers with remembering your car wash business.

Car Wash Signage Presents More Opportunities & Promotes Consistency

Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine laid out the top myths of marketing in the car wash industry and said how clever signage is far more important for earning car wash business opportunities than simply giving away services. Signage is not only important for inside and on the outside of your building as it attracts customers, but it is also important for signage to be consistent across all marketing aspects. The main reason being is that customers will develop brand loyalty and brand awareness for your business.

Don’t Forget About Street Signs, Menu Signs and Exit Signs

Another great way to grab a customer’s attention and pull them into your car wash is to have employees holding street signs on the sidewalks near the business to direct potential customers. These employees do not have to twirl the sign 20 feet into the air, but with a smile and holding the sign, it can be a good way to connect customers to the business with a welcoming first impression by your employee.

Once a customer decides to get their vehicle washed at your business, the second sign they will see is a menu that details the services you offer and the prices associated with each service. This sign should show your business logo, any current deals or specials offered, be colorful and be legible with large font for everyone to be able to read.

The exit signs can also present future car wash business opportunities for returning customers who were satisfied with the service. It is recommended to use colorful exit signs that have your business logo and a friendly slogan on it, such as “Come back to see us soon!” By having colorful, attention-grabbing exit signs that are similar to your entrance and main business signs, it is the hope that customers will remember and associate your brand to a great car wash venture.