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Scary Good Tips for Opening a Car Wash Business

Opening a car wash business can feel like going through a haunted house, but it is more “scary” in the sense that this is a brand new venture. To help ease the scare factor in opening a car wash business, here are some tips to help you in the startup of your business and years down the road.

opening a car wash business

Tip 1: Being Different is Essential When Opening a Car Wash Business

When opening a car wash business you should be unique in the services and brand you are providing for customers. To do this, you must always be vigilant of your competition. See what services they are offering and how you can be different than them. For example, if there’s a car wash just down the street that has customers wash their own cars, you should open a car wash that is automatic so customers do not have to hassle with cleaning their own cars.

Tip 2: Select an All Star Team

It takes a team of people with similar interests to make a business greater than it could be with just one person alone. With a well thought out business plan, you can build a team of investors will not just help your business financially, but give input when opening a car wash business. The team can create new ideas to help revolutionize the local car wash marketplace to make your business stand out among the competition. After having a team of investors who are ready to make your car wash business a success, you also need to install an experienced management team who will be there for additional manpower. As the owner you won’t always be able to be at the business, so having excellent managers there to run the show is important.

Tip 3: Brand Loyalty is Crucial

Gaining the trust and loyalty from your customers is important when opening a car wash business. It is important because these customers will experience the best car wash services and will refer their friends and family members to the business. Another great way to earn customer loyalty is with brand marketing campaigns. For example, when a loyal customer comes by five times within a year, they will receive their sixth car wash for free. There are many other marketing events and programs that will increase the number of customers who come to your business.

Tip 4: Build Relationships with Car Wash Manufacturers

During the construction period, reach out to car wash manufacturers who build, sell, and distribute car wash equipment; the chemicals; and all other things necessary for a car wash business. When opening a car wash business, you should establish a solid relationship with a leading car wash manufacturer. This manufacturer can help with the eco-friendly chemicals to use on the cars or advising on the best car wash equipment that fits your business plan.

Tip 5: Have Plenty of People on Staff Before and After Opening a Car Wash Business

Depending on which type of car wash business you open will determine how many people you will need on your staff at any given time. For a manual bay car wash where customers clean their own cars, you will not need many people on staff; probably two or three people throughout the day. But for a full-service car wash with multiple bays, there should be a completely staffed team that can have many employees at the business at one time.