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Car Wash Systems

Tunnel Car Wash System

  • Offers the most thorough range of car washing services.
  • Typically, a tunnel car wash is a stand-alone business.
  • Requires a larger initial investment, but offers greater throughput with a greater potential return.
    • Full Service Tunnel Carwash – Customers exit their vehicle and wait while interior and exterior services are completed by site personnel.
    • Flex Serve Tunnel Carwash – Customers ride thru the tunnel and exit the premises, or move to an interior cleaning area and exit their vehicle while optional interior services are completed by site personnel.
    • Express Tunnel Carwash – Customers ride thru the tunnel and have the option to enter a designated area to clean and vacuum the interior themselves, or exit the premises.

In-Bay Automatic Car Wash Systems


  • Touchless Car Wash Machines and Friction Car Wash Machines are available
  • Often incorporated into a self-serve car wash as a convenience option
  • A carwash can be profitable add-on to attract additional traffic to core businesses such as convenience stores, auto dealerships, etc…

Self-Serve Car Wash System

  • Commonly the least expensive car wash system to build and operate, targeting the do it yourselfer.
  • Able to run multiple bays off of a single system, lowering costs per bay.
  • Fewer employees result in lower labor costs.