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Car Wash Supplies, Soap, & Products

Car Wash Supplies

Having an experienced Car Wash Supplies Distributor is important because choosing the proper car wash soap / car wash product supplies will make a huge difference in wash quality and ultimately your customers’ experience. There are many factors to consider. Understanding the elements that affect car wash quality is key to operating a successful and profitable car wash. Our professionals will help you determine the most efficient way to deliver the cleanest, shiniest vehicle with your equipment.

Choosing the Best Car Wash Soap & Supplies

Some of the most important criteria to consider are:

  • Type of car wash system – Touch free vs. friction
  • Water quality and conditions on site
  • Chemical safety / compatibility for all vehicle finishes
  • Reclaim water compatibility where applicable
  • Necessary chemical applications vs. “Extra Service” applications
  • Liquid or powder detergents
  • Lubricity for friction on vehicle surface
  • Low pH – high pH balance / two-step cleaning process
  • Scented or unscented products
  • Appearance or SHOW as applied to the vehicle
  • Rinsing qualities… (often overlooked)
  • Knowing and understanding all of the car wash variables