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Car Wash Equipment

NuLook offers a wide variety of car wash equipment. Our 35+ years of experience help to create a focused solution to fit your needs. Here are some of the brands NuLook is proud to carry for different car wash solutions.

Tunnel Car Wash Equipment

MacNeil Car Wash Equipment is considered one of the premier manufacturers of high performance tunnel car equipment, always on the cutting edge of technology and built to last. (View image)

Motor City Wash Works manufactures quality car wash equipment, parts, and accessories for the industry at affordable prices. (View image)

Coleman Hanna Car Wash Systems Since 1960 Coleman Hanna has been the premier supplier of innovative car wash tunnel equipment systems.

In-Bay Automatic Car Wash Equipment

Istobal Tracer OH1 – Istobal makes an efficient rollover car wash known as the Tracer OH1 – Istobal is one of the largest international car wash and truck wash systems and equipment distributors.

Car Wash Vacuum Equipment

Vacutech provides custom solutions for the vacuum system in your car wash along with exceptional quality with more than 60 years of experience.

Autovac is a world-class manufacturer of central vacuum systems for over 25 years.

Industrial Vacuum Systems, Inc. manufactures a line of vacuums, shampooers and free-standing vending machines.

J.E. Adams manufactures vacuums, fragrance and air machines, and a host of other accessories.

Car Wash Self-Service Systems and Automatic Car Wash Equipment

Carolina Pride is a premier manufacturer of self-serve car wash equipment and is known for superior quality and reliability.

The Dryer Pros, Inc. manufacturer of innovative vehicle dryers for over 35 years.

GinSan Industries manufacturer of self-serve car wash, electronics, and water treatment systems.

Car Wash Support Equipment

The car wash systems you choose need other parts and pieces to support the infrastructure and offer more options for customers washing their vehicle. Some of the types and brands of car wash equipment support that NuLook offers includes: