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Car Wash Building & Construction

car wash buildingNuLook Car Care provides extensive resources with regard to every aspect of car wash building & construction. Let’s take a closer look at the developmental phases of a new car wash business and facilities and how our team of professionals will help you accomplish your goals.

Car Wash Construction Site Assessment

During the site assessment, we will help you decide the best placement for your car wash. Where your car wash business is located will be one of the biggest factors on the success of starting a car wash business. Keep in mind:

  • Location – Location – Location!!! This is typically the most critical element in the profitability of your car wash.
  • Zoning and Utility Codes. Navigating through city building codes, zoning, and environmental issues is confusing and every mistake is costly. We will assist you in determining the proper zoning and utility requirements for your car wash building project.
  • Traffic Flow and Access to your car wash. Customers like convenience. If getting in and out is not easy, they may choose to go elsewhere. During site assessment, we create awareness with regard to accessibility and convenience.

Financial Planning for Car Wash Owners

What is the investment? Construction, car wash equipment, and land are the major factors involved in a car wash design and build project. Our team has the experience in breaking these numbers down for you. Call us today to learn more.

Financing, Design and Construction for Car Wash Businesses

We have resources with regard to finance, design and construction of your car wash business. We work with many major contractors who have experience building car washes as well as financial institutions. We can help you find the right team for your car wash project.