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Car Wash Sales & Installation

NuLook Car Care, Inc. are the experts at helping business owners who are new to the car wash industry get started from scratch. Whether you need help at the start creating a car wash business plan to deciding which car wash equipment manufacturers are best for your business, we are here to consult and guide you through the process to start a car wash business.

Car Wash Building

NuLook has extensive resources available to help car wash owners with every aspect of your car wash building and construction process. We are the experts at performing site assessments for the optimal car wash business location. The team at NuLook also consults with zoning and utility codes, traffic flow and access, financial planning, financing, and design. Explore our car wash building services.

Car Wash Systems

We assist with design, sale, and installation of three different types of car washes – a tunnel car wash system, in-bay automatic car wash systems, and a self-serve car wash system. Learn more about the car wash systems we provide equipment and design for.

Car Wash Supplies

Your car wash chemicals and soap are going to be one of the most important aspects of your car wash business! Working with an experience car wash supplies distributor will make a huge difference in the quality of your car wash business and your customers’ experience. Learn more about how to choose the best car wash soap and supplies.

Car Wash Equipment

NuLook Car Care works with some of the best car wash equipment distributors in the country. Check out a list of our preferred equipment distributors.