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How to Maintain Car Wash Equipment

Developing a Car Wash Maintenance Plan

The goal of a car wash business is to have its equipment capable of working in continuous service, provide excellent service to its customers, and to be a profitable operation. Maintaining your investment in your equipment is an essential element in this high-volume workflow.

A car wash could be considered a production line, where every tool and piece of equipment must be in peak operating order so there is no disruption to the business.

Successful facility owners think proactively, not reactively, because diligent car wash maintenance is an integral part of smooth operations, assuring repeat customers who know they can get in and get out quickly. Customers are not going to wait in line while problems caused by deferred maintenance slow things down—they are going to head to the car wash down the road.

Modern, high performance car wash equipment is a complex, inter-working system of computerized controls, mechanical parts in continuous motion, and cleaning agents, liquids and polishes dispensed from pressurized systems, all of which must work together in a synergistic way.

Ongoing maintenance can reduce costly—and preventable—repairs to your equipment. Properly scheduled lubrication and daily cleaning are two simple tasks that can save you money in the long run. Industry experts and manufacturers note that some of the most common equipment failures are due to lack of preventative maintenance like this.

Get Systems and Schedules in Place

• First, look at the car wash maintenance intervals and practices recommended by your equipment manufacturer. These will be included in the manuals supplied with your equipment and may also be available at the manufacturer’s website. Build a maintenance calendar that you and your staff can access online and add critical maintenance dates to it. Add automatic text or email reminders for tasks so that your staff can take responsibility for their assigned duties. Make sure they are properly trained. Software that allows staff to check off tasks as they are addressed and sign off on their completion can document compliance.

•  Track and document your maintenance procedures in a spreadsheet. Take the time to add notes regarding specific concerns as needed. This documentation will be important when discussing issues with your suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and/or repair personnel.

•  Finally, establish a schedule and task allocation for low-level daily maintenance: basic testing, cleaning, wiping down equipment, particulate and grime removal on other surfaces.

Other possible maintenance tasks may occur seasonally, depending on your location: winter road salts can enter wash tunnels, heavy spring pollen may stick to equipment and parts and high levels of dry dust in summer may be present. Keep an eye on these issues, and work in attention to them when needed.

Well maintained equipment operating at peak performance is essential to your business, but you should also periodically evaluate your facility for general maintenance issues. Try to see it with the view of someone who has never visited your carwash. Are waiting areas clean and well maintained? Are your restrooms both clean and functional? Is there trash outside and does the exterior and customer entrance look appealing? These are issues that can affect customer perception, so they are important to your long-term success.

Car wash maintenance service

Nu Look offers car wash maintenance service plans for equipment maintenance. We have a variety of options and affordable plans to cover the level of service you prefer. Our staff is experts in troubleshooting issues on this equipment, because we have been installing and working in the industry for years.

Nu Look Car Care Inc. has expertise in every aspect of the car and truck wash industry, from site selection, designing and building facilities, and equipment installation to repairing and maintaining car and truck wash equipment at top performance. We are available 24/7 for emergency service. Contact us any time that your equipment needs maintenance or repair!