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A Look at In Bay Automatic Car Wash Systems

Building an In Bay Automatic Car Wash in Kansas City, MO

When the decision has been made to open a car wash business you next have to decide what type of car wash that will be. We have previously discussed benefits of tunnel car wash systems, also known as conveyor car wash systems. In this blog we will address benefits associated with in bay automatic car washes.


In Bay Automatic Car Wash Equipment

NuLook Car Wash Systems partners with Istobal Vehicle Wash & Care to provide all your car wash equipment needs. Istobal has a variety of setups for in bay automatic car washes, so you can find a system that is a perfect fit for your budget and car wash equipment needs.

When it comes to automated car wash equipment Istobal offers the following setups for in bay automatic car washes.


  • Istobal M1: This model offers a simple and quality car wash. With two vertical and one horizontal brush, their overlapping design help to ensure full coverage and a complete clean across the entire vehicle. Strategic nozzle placement help to achieve optimal product placement and minimize water and product consumption.
  • Istobal M’NEX24: This model is a brushless car wash that utilizes vehicle mapping technology which allows the system to read the profile of the vehicle and maintain a distance of approximately one foot between the vehicle and the high pressure nozzles. A two-way communication system connected to the internet allows for remote resets, programming, and wash information in real time.
  • Istobal M’NEX22: This system is a rollover system offers 2 vertical brushes and 1 horizontal brush controller by power transducers and the flexibility to include different dryer combinations.
  • Istobal Tracer: The Tracer model is a touchless car wash that employs a system of pipes in an upside down “L” shape that is suspended from the mainframe, which applies the chemicals and sprays high-pressure water. This leaves the wash bay completely free of obstacles and allows any type of vehicle to use the wash safely. The specialized and advanced software controls the speed of linear motion, lateral movement, and spin, which results in a specialized touchfree car wash experience for all types of vehicles.

In Bay Automatic Car Wash Benefits


When it comes to building a new car wash business an in bay automatic car wash is appealing both because of the smaller space required and the investment on equipment is typically smaller. This type of car wash system can be set up in a smaller area than a tunnel carwash. You may be able to utilize existing buildings, such as a small gas station or abandon fast-food building or you may be able to partner with a busy convenience store or gas station to add a car wash to their location. Between the smaller lot requirement and equipment cost an in bay automatic car wash could cost a fraction of what a tunnel carwash would cost to start up.

This system also has the benefit of not requiring any full time employees, which can greatly lower your operating costs. An in bay automatic car wash can offer an excellent return on investment. This number is obviously impacted by the number of bays you have at your carwash, the performance of the car wash system you choose, and of course, Location! Location! Location!

If you have specific questions on the cost of equipment and return on investment information the experts at NuLook Car Wash Systems are available to help you through this exciting process of planning for, and opening, your new car wash business.