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A Guide to Car Wash Signs

Car wash signs should achieve two things – simplicity and significance. The signs you use at your car wash will help customers decide if they should use your car wash and if they want to come back in the future. They are a huge branding opportunity to connect with customers as well as the best way to transmit your car wash information. It is recommended to come up with logo designs, marketing signs, promotions, menus, and safety signs while your car wash is under construction so your signage is ready to go at the opening of your car wash. To help during this planning and design period, there are four characteristics to remember when coming up with your car wash signs.

guide to car wash signs

Characteristic 1: Are your car wash signs catching customers’ attention while being informative?

Your sign reflects how you want your business displayed to the public. It should be legible and informative so that potential customers driving by know it is a car wash business. Remember, we see so many signs and businesses’ driving down the road, so your car wash sign should stand out from the surrounding environment. Your sign needs to be clearly visible from the main road that passes by your business while transmitting the most important information, like your basic car wash price or the fact you have free vacuums.

Characteristic 2: M&M’s – Modern & Memorable

Your sign should be two things – modern and memorable to people passing by. This means no more than three or four colors in your color scheme. Not only should you keep your color count low, but the colors should blend well together and not clash. The font you chose should also be modern and clean. Avoid the bulbous bubbly fonts that are very 1978 car wash, fonts that are very silly, or fonts that are difficult to read from afar. If you are constructing an entirely new building with modern features, so should you construct your car wash signs to be modern and memorable.

Characteristic 3: Illuminate your business

Once you have the design down that grabs attention and encourages people to enter your car wash, the signs you choose for your car wash should always be easy to read. During the day time, your color scheme and font should be easy to read from a mile away. At night, you want to provide illumination so the late night drivers can see your car wash and pricing. This is a fine line to walk as you want customers to be able to read your sign but not get annoyed at how bright your signage is. It is a good idea to speak with a car wash consultant about the best way to illuminate your signage and hit that happy medium.

Characteristic 4: Does your local municipality approve of the car wash signs?

Perhaps one of the most important phases of the car wash sign design process is getting approval from the city. More than often when you are seeking approval from the city for constructing your new car wash business, you will most likely need to submit logo designs and designs of car wash signs to the city. Once they approve, you have the go ahead to start advertising your business and drawing customers in through your signage.