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Our Favorite Commercial Car Wash Equipment from Our Manufacturing Partners

For our business to be as successful as we have been throughout the last 35 years, we have developed solid partnerships with businesses that specialize in manufacturing the best car wash equipment in the industry. NuLook Car Care partners with these companies because we have noticed their success at developing and improving the commercial car wash equipment they manufacture.

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Tunnel Car Wash Equipment Manufacturers

Coleman Hanna Car Wash Systems – What we like about Coleman Hanna is the different options for conveyor lengths they can provide for any car wash business. Whether you need a conveyor system that is 50 feet long or up to 150 feet long, Coleman Hanna is who we trust to find your car wash business with the appropriate length of a conveyor system. We will work with them to match up which conveyor system is needed for the size of your car wash tunnel.

MacNeil Car Wash Equipment – We choose MacNeil Car Wash for a variety of commercial car wash equipment, but for tunnel car wash equipment we recommend the Standard LT and Deluxe XLT Mini Tunnel car wash configurations. These two systems will increase your consumer volume with as many as 50 plus cars per hour going through your car wash tunnel. Additional benefits of these systems are the low installation costs and reduced water and chemical consumption.

Motor City Wash Works – A great commercial car wash equipment product that Motor City Wash Works manufactures is their specialty Wheel & Tire Applicators. The applicators are constructed from PVC pipe, making it safe for various chemical applications used in the car wash business. The applicators are great, especially for customers who take great care of their vehicles’ wheels and tires.

In-Bay Automatic Car Wash Equipment Manufacturers

PDQ Car Wash Equipment – For car wash business owners who want to provide a great car wash for customers with any size vehicle, PDQ Manufacturing, Inc. is to who we turn. PDQ’s commercial car wash equipment features a variety of touchless in-bay automatic car wash products. The benefits of their product line are the overhead design and faster wash speed times, allowing for vehicles of all sizes to move through the car wash with a faster car wash.

Commercial Car Wash Vacuum Equipment Manufacturers

Autovac – Though Autovac Industrial manufactures vacuum systems for vehicles, house cleaning, dentist offices and more, one of their advantages is providing vacuum equipment for car rental facilities and car wash businesses. Autovac can find the appropriate vehicle vacuum systems for your business by working with your construction firm when your business is being constructed.

Industrial Vacuum Systems, Inc. – One unique commercial car wash equipment that Industrial Vacuum Systems produces is the Carpet Wizard. Not only will it allow customers to vacuum up debris from the interior of their vehicle, but it also has a shampoo and spot remover installed with it.

J.E. Adams – J.E. Adams Industries, Ltd. provides a variety of replacement accessories, from detailing stations to payment entrance boxes and different vacuum equipment for vehicles. J.E. Adams manufactures hoses, vacuum booms, air machines and island vacuum systems to replace outdated and non-functioning equipment.

Vacutech – Though Vacutech manufactures numerous types of vacuums for commercial car wash equipment, one of the most efficient systems out there is the custom central vacuum system. The central vacuum system that Vacutech manufactures includes a turbine vacuum producer, with filtered separators and has a piping system designed with the exact fittings your car wash system requires.

Car Wash Self-Service Systems & Automatic Car Wash Equipment Manufacturers

Carolina Pride – Carolina Pride prides itself on providing efficient self-service systems that generate more revenue than before. The main benefits of their systems are the compact designs available, stainless steel frame and easy accessibility for customers and employees to use.

GinSan – For customers who want a quick and easy car wash, we turn to GinSan Industries for their self-service commercial car wash equipment. The product we favor the most from GinSan is the Wash & Go System. This product will boost revenue for a self-service car wash business and can be used to wash any sized vehicle.

The Dryer Pros, Inc. – For car wash business owners who are limited on spacing for drying systems, we recommend the Spirit Dryer as it does not require floor space and it attached to the wall above the exit.

Car Wash Support Equipment Manufacturers

AirLift Doors, Inc. – For the strongest and lasting overhead door, we recommend the Alaska Polycarbonate Overhead Door from AirLift Doors, Inc. This door is so strong it can withstand 200 times the impact of a glass door, while maintaining only 1/8 of the weight of a glass door. It is light, durable and will last.

American Changer Corp. – American Changer Corp. is who we trust for providing money and token stations that can be placed at the entrance to your car wash. These stations are easy to use and provide for easier transactions for customers needing to wash or vacuum their vehicle.

Con-Serv Manufacturing – For car wash business owners who might struggle with rising costs of water and have fewer means to get access to water than others, NuLook recommends Con-Serv Manufacturing’s Free Standing Combination Series I Water Reclaim System. This commercial car wash equipment will be able to deliver larger amounts of water for your car wash while saving on water costs.

DRB Systems – DRB Systems manufactures some of the best products to support car washes, especially with their FastPass system. This would be a great system to use for automatic in-bay car wash systems as customers place a small sticker in the bottom driver’s side corner of their windshield and once they drive up to the entrance, a radio frequency identification system will read it to see if it is valid for use (customers would pay a monthly fee between $25 to $70). This would make for great marketing of your car wash business and DRB Systems has seen great results from this system.

Gardner-Denver Air Compressors – For the best mobile air compressors in the car wash industry, NuLook works with Gardner-Denver. The commercial car wash equipment we are featuring is the MH-C2 Hydrapak Oil Conditioning System, with its compact and lightweight design, it provides for numerous applications in and out of the car wash industry.

Huron Valley Sales, Inc. – Huron Valley Sales, Inc. provides exclusively engineered water products that are essentials for car wash business owners, especially with their water softener systems. When hard water is used with your commercial car wash equipment, not only can it potentially damage paint jobs of vehicles, but it can consume more chemicals used for car washes. Huron Valley’s water softener systems can fix this problem.

Hydra-Flex, Inc. – High pressure rinsing and cleaning nozzles can provide numerous benefits for your car wash business, including saving water and getting cleaner vehicles, making your customers satisfied with your business. Hydra-Flex, Inc. manufactures these state-of-the-art high pressure rinsing and cleaning nozzles, which can provide 1,000 PSI up to 3,200 PSI.

ICS – ICS Car Wash Systems provides for easy and quick point-of-sale systems. This is great for car washes that are attached to a convenience store, or are automatic standalone car washes. One of the commercial car wash equipment products we like from ICS is the Auto Sentry Flex system that shows customers your various services, allows for various payment options and reduces labor costs incurred by a car wash business owner.

Laguna Industries, LLC – Laguna’s main specialty is the company specializes in long-lasting car wash control systems, which allows for your car wash to reduce the usage of water and chemicals. Laguna has also developed capabilities for internet-capable devices to access reports from their Tunnel Controller rtc system.

Mr. Foamer – Mr. Foamer has developed and manufactured effective car wash foaming systems that have smaller designs, but boost bigger and cleaner results for vehicles. All of the Foaminator II models provide for plenty of space for vehicles of all sizes to be cleaned.

New Wave Industries – For high quality water treatment systems, we partner with New Wave Industries. Their water treatment systems provide for a spot-free car wash, each and every time.

Newterra Environmental – For the best results at removing solid materials from vehicles, such as dirt, mud, sand, snow, etc. Newterra Environmental’s Reverse Osmosis system will eliminate these unwanted materials.

TSS – TSS creates and designs all kinds of car wash signage, menus and tunnel fixtures to illuminate and attract attention to your car wash business outside and inside.

Unitec Electronics – For customized point-of-sale systems, Unitec Electronics can match your brand over their equipment with their custom overlay program. They also manufacture various kinds of payment stations to make it easier for your customers to use your car wash.