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Category: Car Wash Equipment

8 Steps to Starting a Car Wash Business

Have you ever dreamed of opening your own business but were too afraid of failing?  An automatic car wash can be a smart business investment because there is still a high demand for high-quality car washes in most markets.  With so many cars on the roads, car washes are needed to maintain exterior appearance and … Continue reading “8 Steps to Starting a Car Wash Business”

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5 Car Wash Equipment Tips

Clean Your Car Wash Equipment Regularly It is important to keep your car wash equipment completely clean in order to keep it running at peak capacity and make sure all the tools are operating properly.  Knowing how to keep your car wash systems clean and implementing a daily, weekly, monthly, annually checklist can keep it … Continue reading “5 Car Wash Equipment Tips”

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How to Maintain Car Wash Equipment

Developing a Car Wash Maintenance Plan The goal of a car wash business is to have its equipment capable of working in continuous service, provide excellent service to its customers, and to be a profitable operation. Maintaining your investment in your equipment is an essential element in this high-volume workflow. A car wash could be … Continue reading “How to Maintain Car Wash Equipment”

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Our Favorite Commercial Car Wash Equipment from Our Manufacturing Partners

For our business to be as successful as we have been throughout the last 35 years, we have developed solid partnerships with businesses that specialize in manufacturing the best car wash equipment in the industry. NuLook Car Care partners with these companies because we have noticed their success at developing and improving the commercial car … Continue reading “Our Favorite Commercial Car Wash Equipment from Our Manufacturing Partners”

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Choosing Between Car Wash Equipment

So you’re ready to open up a new car wash – great! Now comes the hard part, deciding between the various types of car washes out there: Automatic, Touchless Automatic, Self-Serve, Coin Operated… the list goes on and on. Which type of car wash best suits your business, location and clientele? With over 35 years … Continue reading “Choosing Between Car Wash Equipment”

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