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Car Wash Manufacturer Profile – Vacutech LLC

Some of the best car wash vacuum equipment on the market today includes Vacutech LLC. Whether you are in the process of opening up your first car wash business or need to update your vacuuming equipment in and outside of your building, Vacutech has numerous products for every kind of car wash business. From humble beginnings in Sheridan, Wyoming in 1997 to today, Brothers Tom and John Tucker have built Vacutech into one of the leaders in manufacturing custom central vacuum systems.

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Vacutech Products & Benefits

The most important benefit when working with Vacutech is how willing and able they are to find your car wash business the right, custom-made equipment needed. Vacutech creates vacuum systems for both inside the car wash and outside of it, and offers many styles that benefit the customers. Another great benefit to the products created by Vacutech is they allow for more accessibility and room for vehicles to enter and exit. Here are a few of Vacutech car wash equipment that we recommend to car wash business owners.

  • Vacuum Arch We recommend this for each kind of car wash business setup – automatic wash bays or customer use car wash bays – as these vacuum arches provide ease and convenience for customers who want to vacuum out the interior of their vehicles. Business owners have the option of overhead or underground piping options that provide easy access for customers or employees to vacuum vehicle interiors. For any loose change or valuable objects that have gone missing in the customer’s vehicle, this is great for finding such items and Vacutech’s primary separator product can allow customers to retrieve the once lost items.
  • Car Wash Custom Detailing Systems With Vacutech, you can work with them to build your own custom car wash and vehicle detailing system at your business. Such custom features include the option for numerous vacuum hose locations, overhead piping and hose management, wet and dry solutions for cleaning floors and seats without damaging the interior and tools for cleaning all areas of the vehicle. This is a win-win for the customer and business owner as it allows for time savings that cut down on labor costs and customers can take care of their vehicle their own way.
  • Detail Valet – This is another win-win product offered by Vacutech. It allows car wash business employees easy access to move around the vehicle and detail it with a small station as it can be mounted on the floor, to the wall or on the ceiling. Customers can also see how well their vehicle is being washed by a car wash detailer. The Detail Valet has everything necessary for detailing vehicles, including detailing chemicals, a dry vacuum nozzle and a wet-extraction vacuum nozzle.

These and more Vacutech products are necessary for all types of car wash businesses as it provides ease of access for customers or employees, can reduce labor costs for car wash business owners and will help make your business appear modern to new and returning customers.