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Car Wash Manufacturer Profile – MacNeil Car Wash Equipment

To be the best, you have got to work with the best. That saying is mainly true for many industries, including our business. When you want to open up your new car wash business, you need the best equipment that will make your customers cars shine like they just bought it at the dealership yesterday. Having the right equipment for your car wash business will bring your business returning customers and referral customers. That is why we are proud to partner with MacNeil Car Wash Systems.

macneil car wash equipment

Why Should You Buy MacNeil Car Wash Equipment?

For more than 30 years, MacNeil Wash Systems has been a leader in the car wash equipment industry. MacNeil car wash equipment has a great reputation because it is durable, reliable and gets your customer’s vehicles cleaned in no time. It is because of this consistency to perform efficiently for each vehicle that MacNeil’s Wash Systems should be the name to trust when searching for car wash equipment for your car wash business.

What MacNeil Car Wash Equipment Should You Buy?

There are many different types of MacNeil car wash equipment available that will make your car wash perform better for a streak free shine! Some of their best equipment includes brushes, water and chemical applicators and dryers.

  • Brushes – MacNeil offers numerous types of car wash brushes that are safe and gentle on vehicles and will work for your automatic car wash business. Their brushes are able to clean over all sides of vehicles, small and large. MacNeil can also work with your business for either a combination of brushes or just for specific brushes you need to replace.
  • Chemical Control Systems – If the chemical control system in your car wash business is outdated, then it is time to update your car wash with a high-tech chemical controlling system. MacNeil’s Echo allows you to save money and time trying to control the appropriate amount of chemicals mixed in with water for the vehicles that come to your business.
  • Dryers – It is important to have the best brushes and washing chemicals, but it is also important to have high quality dryers to dry off your customer’s vehicles.

MacNeil car wash equipment is essential for all car wash businesses because of the many products they offer, the durability of the products, affordability, and the savings their equipment offer. When you choose a professional distributor like MacNeil, you will have less customers taking advantage of 24 or 48 hour clean car guarantees thanks to the quality of the equipment leaving a perfect shine!