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Car Wash Location Matters When Owning a Car Wash

The three most important things to remember when owning a car wash business or opening up a new spot for your car wash business is location, location, location. It’s more than just what the building looks like and what features it has—it’s also about who are the other car washes are in your area and the traffic passing through your street. Here are some tips to find that perfect money-making car wash location!

owning a car wash location

Research Car Wash Location for Building

The first thing to do before owning a car wash business is to research the city you want to open the business in. You should contact various real estate agents who have commercial properties and commercial lots for sale that you can build your car wash on. But before you sign off on the paper work with the real estate agent, it is recommended that you also look up city zoning ordinances. Meet with the city planner about where you want to build the car wash and ask about what city zoning ordinances there are about business and car washes in particular. When meeting with a city planner or city zoning board, it’s also best to come up with a business plan to show them and share with them your experience in the car wash industry.

Research Car Wash Location for Buying

If you want to buy an existing car wash location, you want to research the location it was built on. Does it have easy access from the road? Is there enough space for cars to navigate through the wash? Will it be able to hold multiple cars at once? If there are some iffy factors to the existing building, keep looking for other car washes for sale with your commercial real estate agent.

Look for Competitors Nearby Before Owning a Car Wash Location

It is highly important to look at the other car washes near the area where you want to build your car wash. Make a visual sweep of the property you are looking at to build or buy your car wash. You don’t want to be too close to the existing car washes where you are constantly competing or owning a car wash will be much more difficult! Remember that they have more history in the location – being too close to them means their longstanding reputation can win out over your new, unknown car wash.

Here are three other things to research about other car washes in the area that you plan on owning a car wash:

  1. Find out how long they have been in business in that area. This is knowledge that the public has access to so don’t be afraid to ask.
  2. See what specials they offer for the area they’re located in. Some car wash businesses have sent out deals in the mail for the surrounding neighborhoods they’re close to. This will help you compete on pricing and marketing.
  3. Ask for standard hours of operation, prices, any unique services they offer, and what type of car wash they have. This will help you create some unique offerings for your car wash business that will separate you from competition.