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Announcing Istobal USA Carwash and Truck Wash Solutions

NuLook Now Offers Products from Istobal USA Carwash Solutions

NuLook is proud to say that we are now an authorized distributor who offers products from Istobal USA Carwash Solutions. Istobal has become one of the largest car wash manufacturers in the world, offering numerous kinds of car wash equipment products across the globe. Our company is honored that we can offer our clients the world’s best car wash equipment.

Istobal’s History

Since its conception in 1950 by Mr. Ismael Tomás Alacreu, Istobal started with humble beginnings and grew quickly to have global ambitions. Mr. Alacreu started Istobal as a small repair shop in L’Alcúdia in the province of Valencia, Spain that supplied grease at low pressures that he sold to nearby workshops. Thirteen years later, Istobal developed their first pressure-operated manual rollover that was used in garages and automotive repair shops. As the years passed, Istobal continually proved how they have invested in research and development to keep improving their technology.

Istobal Car Wash and Truck Wash Equipment

The car wash equipment that Istobal manufactures includes rollover equipment, tunnel car washes, commercial rollovers, train and tram wash equipment, brush systems and enclosures for car wash owners.

  • Rollover Equipment – Istobal currently has four models of rollover car wash equipment: M1, M’NEX 22, M’NEX 24 and Tracer OH1. Each model of equipment allows for a quick, all-in-one stop for customers to easily visit a car wash business and get their vehicle cleaned and dried. Istobal offers these models of rollover equipment for car wash bays with and without car wash tunnels. In their years of research and development, Istobal has manufactured this equipment so that the brushes easily roll over a vehicle without damaging the vehicle’s exterior. Each model also includes dryers that can dry the vehicles after the wash. The Tracer OH1 is the only model that Istobal currently manufactures that is touchless.
  • Tunnel Car Wash Equipment – Istobal offers tunnel car wash systems that provide for greater revenues while having a smaller workforce at your car wash location. The two types of tunnel car washes include the Drive-Thru option and Express on Rails option. Each of these options are great for high volume fleets of vehicles. Another product Istobal manufactures for tunnel car wash equipment is the Tire Shiner. The soft poly bristle brush will create a perfect shine for vehicles that will make vehicle owners think they just bought their vehicle brand new. Istobal’s Tire Shiner also uses up to 66 percent less dressing than competitor’s tire shiners.
  • Truck Wash Equipment and Rollovers for Commercial Vehicles – We have had some clients ask about having larger car wash equipment for large trucks and commercial vehicles, and we are glad to announce that we have found the solution. NuLook is proud to now offer truck wash equipment and commercial vehicle wash equipment manufactured by Istobal. The four models that Istobal currently manufactures includes the Heavywash Progress, Heavywash Kube, Heavywash Rotators and Heavywash Drive Through. The Progress model is for large trucks, buses, semi-trucks, and the Kube model is for commercial vehicles of varying sizes.

Other Istobal Car Wash Products

  • Train and Tram Wash Equipment – Istobal has expanded their vehicle wash equipment line to not only include vehicles with wheels, but also trains and trams. The equipment provides easy access when the train or tram is not in use to exit the track and enter the washing equipment.
  • Payment Terminals – Istobal’s payment terminal systems are great for car wash owners that own locations that are self-service for customers. The equipment they have manufactured makes it easy for customers to arrive at your location and pay for a car wash. The payment terminal can also be customized for the car wash location and can accept cash, coins, tokens, cards, smartphone credit payments, numerical codes and bar codes.
  • Communication & Reporting Systems – Car wash owners can also utilize Istobal’s control and management software that will accurately report the diagnostics of your car wash equipment. Owners can have the reporting sent to a mobile device or computer for better monitoring of their equipment. We realize how important knowing how well your vehicle wash equipment is working and this development from Istobal helps greatly.