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5 Car Wash Equipment Tips


  1. Clean Your Car Wash Equipment Regularly

It is important to keep your car wash equipment completely clean in order to keep it running at peak capacity and make sure all the tools are operating properly.  Knowing how to keep your car wash systems clean and implementing a daily, weekly, monthly, annually checklist can keep it running longer and increase your profits down the road.

Since car washes endure heavy use, they are susceptible to breakdowns; like stopping in the middle of a car cleaning.  By cleaning your car wash machine daily, you can prevent uninterrupted cleaning sessions and prevent a lot costly repairs.

Be sure to wear the proper safety equipment before you start cleaning.  Depending on the car wash materials or products you are using and the equipment you are cleaning’, you may need to wear: safety googles, boots, vests and gloves.

There are a variety of cleaning products on the marketing to tackle all your cleaning needs including: removing dirt and debris, polishing metal surfaces, degreasing, removing scale, washing textile or screens, polyurethane-foam brushes with concentrated shampoo and many more.  Be sure to read the directions carefully for any cleaning product you are using.

When cleaning your car wash equipment target all dirt, grease, grime and corrosion and make sure you your cleaning job is immaculate since any debris can affect the carwashes overall functioning.  You can multi-task as you clean, when cleaning the bay or tunnel area check for leaks or tears in the car wash materials.  If you are cleaning a rollover you are going to need to switch off the power at the main switch and cut off the air and water.

Make safety your number one priority when cleaning and operating your car wash machine.    By establishing a daily, weekly, monthly cleaning list your staff can implement, your car wash systems will run more efficiently and last much longer.

  1. Replace Worn Out or Old Car Wash Parts

Inspect your car wash equipment and parts for issues and replace any worn out parts immediately.  Worn out hoses or filters can cause your equipment to shut down.  Have a schedule for replacing the most heavily used automobile washing equipment so you can stay on top of it and prevent any expensive repairs.  Keep extra parts in-stock at all times in case of emergencies.  Keeping your parts updated on a regular roster will ensure they are always in working order and give your car wash cleaning equipment extra mileage throughout the years.

  1. Regular Equipment Servicing by Car Wash Professionals

You should have your professional car wash equipment serviced and maintenance by your car wash equipment suppliers on a regular basis.  These technicians are specialized and highly-trained on how to service, maintain and run these machines.  The have the expertise to identify any issues before they breakdown or become a major repair.  Find out how often your car wash equipment manufacturers recommend service and budget the cost every year.

  1. Train Your Staff

One of the best investments you can make for your car wash systems is set up a training program for your staff, highlighting safety procedures and maintenance guidelines since they are operating and cleaning your car wash equipment the majority of the time.  The training program should include: what steps to take if your car wash equipment breaks down, how to clean equipment properly and safely and what safety precautions to use during daily operations and emergency situations.  You should have a licensed mechanic available to handle all equipment repairs and parts replacement.  Having a well-trained staff keeps your car wash running better and reduces your overall operating cost.

  1. Consider Retrofitting Your Car Wash Equipment

If your carwash equipment is old and outdated it might be the perfect time to retrofit, before your old car wash equipment ends up costing you more money in the long run.  Today’s technology is faster than ever and modern car wash systems use less water and provide a far superior clean.  New car wash systems are also more eco-friendly by implementing reclaimed water systems that increase efficiency and reduce waste.

If you are looking to convert your existing self-serve or automatic bay to mini-tunnel or full size tunnel there is good news.  Banks are far more willing to finance retrofit construction than constructing a car wash from the ground up. Carwash upgrades can be leased instead of purchased, which allows you to spread the cost of the retrofit over several years instead of throwing a large amount of capital into the retrofit.

A full carwash tunnel with tire dressing and all the extra services can fit into a standard size 35 foot bay.   Car wash investor’s see promise of upgrading an existing bay to a smaller tunnel that has better car wash equipment and efficient computer technology aimed at conserving water.  Adding new features to your car wash such as off-board drying, tire shine and wheel cleaning increases your price per car.  By adding these value-added services along with new car wash machine equipment that will update your look and lower your operating and maintenance cost.  Retrofitting is a practical option for updating an older carwash in order to attract more repeat customers, make your car wash cleaning equipment more eco-friendly and increase your profits.

If you are ready to upgrade, Nu Look can help!  Nu Look uses Ryko and MacNeil equipment and has installed and retrofit professional car wash equipment for hundreds of clients.  We can find the right solution for your carwash to make your business profitable.

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